Intro To Slate Roofing In Atlanta

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Slate Intro

Few people give much thought to the types of roofing shingles they see on houses.  If we a driving through a neighborhood and notice a nice home rarely do we think to ourselves, “I wonder what type of roof is on that house?”  If you drive through areas of Atlanta many of the finest and oldest homes have slate roofs adorning and protecting them.  Slate has long been the preferred roofing material for the affluent.  No other material can match its desirable look, durable performance and natural elegance.


Slate History

Slate has been used as a protective roof product for well over a thousand years.  A wonderful example of slate as a living history is a 8th century chapel in Stratford-on Avon, Wiltshire, England.  The chapel is still standing with its original 1200 year old slate shingles.  To be sure, this chapel is a rare find.  But not so rare are the many castles and chateaux doting the country side of France and England with slate roofs dating back some 700 to 800 years.

Atlanta Slate History

For Atlanta slate was a standard roofing product along side clay tile and cedar shake before the historic economic crash of 1929.  Even today one can drive down a street in Atlanta and identify the 1929 crash by roofing materials.  One can notice an abrupt change.  One side of the street will have the original slate or tile roofs and the other side will have asphalt roofs that have been replaced 7 or 8 times since 1929.

If you are interested, drive around some of the neighborhoods surrounding the Emory campus or Atlanta’s original planned subdivision, The Prado.  While you are there take some time to see the homes around Ansley Park.  You can also check out Virginia Highlands and the City of Brookhaven.  If you are looking for it you can see the ageless beauty of the homes built before 1929 with their original slate or tile roofs.

Even though modern products have changed roofing forever there is a renewed push to bring the charm and elegance of slate back.  Composites and asphalt shingles have become the norm for most builders.  However the advantages of long lasting and durable beauty of slate over the manufactured replacement products of today will never go away.

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