Metal Roofing Installation in Suwanee, GA

Metal RoofingCranor Roofing installs and repairs a variety of metal roofing systems. If you’re in Suwanee, Atlanta, Gwinnett County, Burford, Duluth, or Johns Creek, GA, we hope you contact us today about your slate, tile, cedar, low slope, or metal roofing.

Remarkably, roof leaks are common problems that homeowners experience with newly installed metal roofs. Poor workmanship is almost always the cause. While metal can be an amazingly effective roofing material, it can be a major disaster if improper installation has occurred. Sadly, many metal roofing contractors cut corners and skip crucial steps that would’ve prevented future problems. Cranor Roofing’s focus is on providing skilled workmanship and proper installation so our customers can experience the many great benefits of having a metal roof and avoid the pitfalls.

The energy-efficiency of metal roofing installation is remarkable. Energy-efficiency is measured in two ways; sustainability and performance.

Sustainability speaks to the manufacturing process, life of product and recyclability. Metal or steel production from raw materials requires energy but steel is also the most recycled material on earth and the raw materials for making steel is among the most abundant. When painted and maintained the life of a steel roof can outperform most materials. Check one, metal roofing is sustainable.

Metal RoofingPerformance speaks to the interaction of the roofing materials with your living environment. When compared to typical asphalt alternatives metal easily reflects more solar radiation and releases heat much more rapidly. Asphalt which makes up 70 to 80 percent of the residential roofing market absorbs heat during the daytime hours and holds the heat during the night. This absorbing and holding of heat, makes asphalt a major energy drain where metal performs remarkably well. Metal roofs qualify as “Cool Roofs” for ENERGY STAR requirements. Certain colors and coatings can add also to the performance. Altogether, metal roofing installation will save you energy, keep your home cooler and have a lower impact on nature.

Besides energy savings and the sustainability factor that comes with having a metal roofing installation, metal roofs actually function amazingly.

Metal Roofing

  1. Strong hurricane force winds, heavy snow or ice, destructive hailstorms, deadly wildfires and blowing rains are all reasons to have a metal roof. A properly installed metal roof will stand up to nature’s damaging punches much better than many other roof types. As a strong, long-lasting, low maintenance and durable material, metal is a top choice for homes in most climates.
  2. Metal roofs have a wide range of designs and colors for almost any situation.
  3. Not all homes should have metal roofs and some neighborhoods or locations can limit where they can be used. Explore a metal roofing option.

Discover the Ideal Metal Roof Design & Color for your home

Metal Roofing
Exposed Fastener Metal Roof Panels
(easier to install, lowers cost, more maintenance)
Metal Roofing
Standing Seam Metal Roof Panels
(better appearance, more durability)
Metal Roofing
Retrofit Metal Roof Systems
(lower cost and reduced waste removal)
Metal Roofing
Specialty Metal Roofing Panels
(can provide a traditional roof appearance)

Color Charts are provided upon request
Metal Roofing

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