Tile Roofing Installation in Suwanee, GA

Cranor Roofing installs and repairs terra cotta clay and concrete tile roofing in Suwanee, Atlanta, Gwinnett County, Burford, Duluth, and Johns Creek, GA. We hope you contact us for all of your slate, metal, cedar, low slope, and tile roofing needs!

Tile Roofing

Short History of Tile Roofing

Clay tiles are among the oldest manufactured roofing materials ever made. For thousands of years tile roofs have been used in the Middle East, Europe and Asia.

Even in the new world, tile roofing has made a sizable impact. Coming to the Americas via the Dutch and Spanish explorers and missionaries hundreds of years ago. State buildings such as court houses and Governor Mansions were adorned with clay tiles. Land granted English and Dutch plantation owners built European styled manor houses and country estates with tile roofing. The Spanish built missions all over the new world using clay tile. The Spanish buildings and tiles became iconic and historic sites. Mission tile or Spanish tile-styled terra cotta clay tiles are very popular even today.

Tile roofs were not a mainstay in much of the original English Colonies that would later become the United States. Abundant timber made wood roofs the norm. Not until the 1830s did tile roofing installations make any impact on US home styles. However, during the roaring twenties after the First World War tile roofs came into style. The demand for clay tile soared. Many of the buildings built in this period are with us today and in many cases of their original roofs are still intact. 100-year-old clay tile roofing installations are common in many large cities and well-built older homes in places like Philadelphia, Chicago and Atlanta.

Tile Roofing Installation

Concrete vs. Clay Tiles

Today, concrete has been introduced and competes with clay tiles for a lower cost roofing material.

Tile Roofing InstallationBoth clay and concrete tiles look impressive but in some climate conditions concrete cannot stand up to clays timeless durability. Where many clay roofs look fantastic decades after installation, with a lifespan of 75 plus years, concrete tiles rarely survive 30 years. In some low rain and mild winter regions concrete tiles can function quite well. While both are vulnerable to rapid freeze/thaw conditions under extreme conditions concrete fails at a much higher rate than tile. Concrete’s major flaw is that it absorbs water while clay does not.

The Making of High-Quality Clay Tiles

A good clay roof tile starts with putting clay into a mold and compressing the clay. Then the clay is baked in a kiln. The high temperature in the kiln sets off a reaction that converts the pressed clay into a hard, durable tile. Not all tile manufactures have perfected this process. The selection of quality consistent clay and the refining of the clay is essential. The raw material or clay must then be processed to achieve a “perfect homogeneous composition” before the baking. The mixing, kneading, vacuum-treating and compressing of the clay know as extrusion is all done before the heating process.

Once the extrusion process is complete the clay tiles must be dried and colored (a glaze coating can be applied at this time) and then finally its baked. A gradual and continuous baking with a consistent temperature known as “thermal balancing control” completes the making of a high-quality clay roof tile.

An easy way to determine the quality of a tile is to break a sample tile open and see if the clay has a consistent, solid color and hardness throughout the thickness of the tile.

Tile Roofing Installation

The Premier Tile Roofing Manufactures

There is no secret in the roofing industry, Ludowici Tile is easily recognized as the name for quality clay tile roofing. Based out of Lexington, Ohio, Ludowici has been making world class roof tiles for 130 years. Made 100% in the US, Ludowici has its clay tiles on cherished landmarks all over the country. New York Life Building in Manhattan, Pennsylvania State Capital Building, Colorado University at Boulder, The Plaza Hotel in New York, Duke University and many more are architectural gems crowned with Ludowici roof tiles.

Outside of the US, La Escandella Tile is considered the worldwide leader in clay roofing. Based in Spain, La Escandella boast the largest production capacity worldwide and leads the industry in innovations in its totally automated manufacturing process.

There are many clay tile roofing makers but Ludowici and La Escandella are the unmistakable leaders and first choice for quality conscious contractors, builders, architects and homeowners.

Tile Roofing Installation

Repairing & Installing Tile Roofs

Repairing or Installing a new tile roof is a challenge for most roofing companies. Many contractors assume they can do a quick repair or even install a new tile roof but have little if any experience in proper tile roofing installation, training and time-tested techniques.

Tile Samples

Tile Resources & Manufactures

Cranor Roofing specializes in tile roof installations and repairs. Cranor Roofing and has extensive experience and training when it comes to clay tile roofing. Your repair or new tile roof should last a very long time and with Cranor Roofing can trust that it will.

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